Articles Quarter Three and Four


"Propaganda" (Short book Bernays wrote on propaganda: 90 some pages)

Period 2: Reading: Chapters 1-3 of "Propaganda," and write an outline.
Watch and write a page response to the documentary "The Century of the Self" - Part 2 linked at the end of these Bernays texts. Link>>

Day 2 HW: read Public Education for Democracy and write a page response.

HH Assignment:

Period 8. Homework: Know the text: list and describe the steps Bernays outlines for public relations and then apply to the following:
As the councilor for public relations of a military coup, how do you turn the people of your nation against their former leader?

Period 8: HH article: view and respond to the documentary "The Century of the Self" linked at the end of the Bernays texts.

Articles Bernays wrote:

"Molding Public Opinion"

"The Engineering of Consent"

"Emergence of the Public Relations Council"

Public Education for Democracy

Article about Bernays: Mastering the Crowd
Sociology about the theories of mass behavior

The Century of the Self <_The Century of the self Part 2.