Philosophy and Composition Course Description

High Honors contract

If you are taking the course at the High Honors level, you will need to print this and you and your parents will need to sign it and turn in to me by the end of September. You may NOT change levels.
If you are taking the course at the Honors level you need not do anything.

Quarter One and Two Materials

Philosophy and Composition Articles and High Honors Articles

Rhetorical Tools Materials and Articles

What is philosophy? articles

Philosophical Tools articles

Presentation Articles Quarter Two

Articles Quarter Three and Four

Article Choices for Quarters 3 and 4

Semester Exam Prep

Sample First Drafts

Extra Credit

Jon Stewart on Three Kinds of Bullshit

Branches of Philosophy

(According to Mr. Woodruff)
branches of phil chart.jpg


(Students are expected to refer to these sources for clarification.)

Philosopher Timeline

Wordnet (On-line mega-thesaurus)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Oxford English Dictionary (School username and password required)


username is gwoodruff at the old montclair email address

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

Philosophy Comics

Existential Comics
Dead Philosophers in Heaven

Revision Presentation Assignment

Each student will prepare a 5-minute presentation on the revised paper, explaining important changes to content and style: why that paper was chosen, what needed to be changed, could be changed, and what did and didn’t work, and what was learned about writing in the process.
Each presenter will read before and after passages to illustrate changes, besides talking about the revision process and the intended effect and goals of the new draft.

Image Essay

Ways of Seeing video, by John Berger et al.

Berger Essays

The Century of the Self
Part 1: Happiness Machines
Part 2: The Engineering of Consent