Vitruvian Man

The writings of Vitruvius inspired Leonardo da Vinci to draw a man with perfect proportions. This image has become instantly recognizable as a symbol for art, architecture, science, math, study, creativity, spirituality: humanity.

Vitruvian Man is a website created by students of the humanities in Western Civilization to explore the arts, sciences, literature, and philosophy of the West. It focuses on two main time periods: the Classical and the Renaissance . The Renaissance believed it was a renewal of the Classical, while the Classical saw itself as different from all that went before it. Since the Renaissance, the West has drawn inspiration from its Classical heritage and from the energy and confidence of the Renaissance. Although this self-image ignores certain important inspirations and encounters with the East , New World, and the West's own Northern peoples and their artistic contributions , Vitruvian Man is a good symbol for that striving after the ideal that characterizes the West .




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For CGI 12 AP: Brown
Humanities: Rose
Philosophy and Comp: Mustard

Internalization of the Writing Process

Defining Topic Sentences

Conferencing and Internalizing the Writing Process

On Writing

Ta-Nehisi Coates On writing

On Thinking and Writing

Thinking on the Edge

MLA formatting and Writing Help

Writing Information

Sources of ideas need to be cited throughout your paper.

Always alphabetize your sources on the Works Cited page.

Citations consist of three sentences: Author. Title. Publishing info.

Translators and editors are not authors; their info goes after the title.

Integrating Quotations into Your Essays

Integrating Quotations into Text

Sample First Page

Sample Works Cited Page

On-line Writing Lab (Purdue University)

Response Guidelines

Content Response (Writer-based)

Style Response (Reader-based)

Conference form

PARCC Holistic Scoring Rubric (modified)

Writing Process List of Drafts

Workshop on selecting a first draft to turn into a rough draft

1 Students form themselves into groups of 3 or 4.
2 Each student gives another student the 3 first drafts and outlines so that every student is reading someone else’s 3 first drafts.
3 Each student reads quietly all the first drafts, then writes a paragraph on which draft would be best to turn into a rough draft: base comments on what would make a strong paper, and why, and on what would be fun to read, and why.
4 Students then switch papers and repeat #3.
5 Authors then read the two commentators paragraphs.
6 The group discusses each author’s drafts, helping to expand on papers to make into a rough draft.
7 Authors write a paragraph on which draft will be turned into a rough draft and why.

Gettysburg Address Assignment

I Have a Dream Assignment


(Due each workshop day)

Each student needs to hand write their vocabulary work and turn in at the beginning of class.
Be neat and organized: I will be checking these quickly and will not make corrections to errors in grading if I cannot read over your work quickly and easily.
1. Select five roots related to each other from the list below, and write the definitions of each root.
You may use any means of relating the words together that makes sense to you, except for alphabetical order. Typcial groups are like the following: "Parts of the body" or "directions" or even "roots that remind my of my college visit." The relatedness just needs to make sense to you.
2. Name and explain the reasoning for relating those roots together: this will help you remember the roots.
3. Write the root again and then write two "SAT" words. These can be from the ones provided or ones you have found on your own that are better. Then use each word in a sentence that makes it clear to me that you know what the meaning of the word is. This will prepare you for the SAT test.
4. Each SAT word is worth 1 point. Each week is worth 10 points. You can do extra SATwords for extra credit.

Supplemental Vocabulary Assignment for those students who had Mr. Woodruff last year

1. Each week come up with 10 words related to an interest you currently have. In a paragraph, explain the interest. Avoid jargon words as best as you can. Remember, the goal is to prep for the SAT test.
2. Write those words down and define them.
3. Write a sentence for each word.

For example: I like music. I have been listening to Bach lately, and I want to understand some of the forms he uses. Here are ten words that I want to know the precise meaning of:

How to Join Philosophy Colloquium

Go to or use link above in the navigation bar. It will look like this:

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Click the join button on the top far right of the page. You will see the following:

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Fill in the information and click the Join button. DO NOT make a wiki.
The next screen will be the following:
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In the comment box add the name of the Page (Project) for your group, and click request membership. I will make you a member who can edit the wiki, and I will create that page for you. Please only edit your group's page.