Greek Drama

Oresteia Trilogy
translation by Ian Johnston of Vancouver Island University


HH article: Oresteia, Introduction, pages 13-23

Libation Bearers


HH article: Oresteia, Introduction, pages 86-97

Critique of Female Stereotype in Greek Drama

Aristotle's Poetics [pdf file]

Aristotle's Poetics (University of New Zealand) [Read "7. Text and Translation"]
Butcher's Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art

HH Article: Butcher: Chap 6: The Function of Tragedy, 8: The Ideal Tragic Hero, or 9: Plot and Character in Tragedy (The chapter numbers do not correspond to the numbering at the UNZ site, linked above.)
HH Extra Credit: Read and respond to an extra chapter from the list above.


Euripides HH Article