Articles Quarter Three and Four

Psi and the Problem of Consciousness, George Williams

What Is It Like to Be a Bat, Thomas Nagel

What Things Are Conscious?

Consciuosness as Integrated Information: A Provisional Manifesto, Giulio Tononi

John Searle: How to Study Consciousness Scientifically

Also, see the Searle page.


Period 1:
Day One: read the first article "What's in Your Mind" and write a step of the argument for the entire article starting with
1. Psychology is about the mind and the science of mental life.
2. The science of mental life must take into account behavior and the contents of the mind.
After the Step of the argument, write for at least 1 page a comparison between how a computer processes and how human brain processes.

Day Two: Think about how our relationship with computers (and robots) would change if we were able to recreate the human mind in machines. Would it be a positive relationship or a negative relationship.

Period 7:

Day One: Read the first article "What's in Your Mind" and find and define many key terms. Then compare and contrast how computers process to how a mind processes.

Day two: Think of another example of AI (artificial intelligence) and analyze it the same way Pylylshyn analyzes computers.